This is an historical archive of the activities of the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit (MRC ANU) that operated at the University of Oxford from 1985 until March 2015. The MRC ANU established a reputation for world-leading research on the brain, for training new generations of scientists, and for engaging the general public in neuroscience. The successes of the MRC ANU are now built upon at the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit at the University of Oxford.

Inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Basal Ganglia

Members of the Magill and Bolam Basal Ganglia Labs attended the Gordon Research Conference on “Basal Ganglia Cells and Circuits in Health and Disease”, which was held in Ventura, California, from the 2nd – 7th February 2014.  This is a new meeting that brings together leading groups to discuss the latest advances in the field of basal ganglia research, with a view to promoting discussion of unpublished data and fostering cross-cutting collaborations.  Further emphasis was placed on showcasing developments that have translational significance.  The meeting consisted of daily symposia and poster sessions.

The latest discoveries from the Unit’s Basal Ganglia Labs were well represented through symposium talks by Paul Bolam, Peter Magill and Juan Mena-Segovia.

 Other lab members presented the following posters:

Daniel Dautan, Icnelia Huerta-Ocampo, Ilana Witten, Karl Deisseroth, Paul Bolam, Todor Gerdjikov & Juan Mena-Segovia.  “A major external source of cholinergic innervation of the striatum and nucleus accumbens originates in the brainstem”

Albert Souza, Ilana B. Witten, Karl Deisseroth, J. Paul Bolam, Todor V Gerdjikov & Juan Mena-Segovia.  “Dopamine neurons of the ventral tegmental area are differentially modulated by brainstem cholinergic pathways" 

 Paul D. Dodson, Ian C. Duguid, J. Paul Bolam & Peter J. Magill. “Distinct firing patterns of prototypic and arkypallidal neurons of the GPe during movement”

Farid Garas, Andrew Sharott & Peter J. Magill. “Molecular markers of novel populations of striatal interneurons”

 Kouichi C. Nakamura, Andrew Sharott, Nicolas Mallet & Peter J. Magill. “Neuronal activity in the motor thalamus of dopamine-intact and Parkinsonian rats"

 Federica Vinciati, Andrew Sharott, Kouichi C. Nakamura & Peter J. Magill. “In vivo electrophysiological properties of neurochemically-identified striatal neurons in dopamine-intact and Parkinsonian rats”


Paul at his poster
Daniel explains his poster
Federica presents her poster