This is an historical archive of the activities of the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit (MRC ANU) that operated at the University of Oxford from 1985 until March 2015. The MRC ANU established a reputation for world-leading research on the brain, for training new generations of scientists, and for engaging the general public in neuroscience. The successes of the MRC ANU are now built upon at the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit at the University of Oxford.

A Warm Welcome to Dr Gunes Unal


Dr Gunes Unal was awarded the Blaschko Fellowship of the Department of Pharmacology and has joined Professor Somogyi’s laboratory as a postdoctoral scientist for two years.  He will join the work on analysing neuronal circuits contributing to the cell type specific firing patterns during rhythmic cortical activity.

Dr Unal completed his early studies in Turkey graduating with BA from Boğaziçi University in Psychology.  He then went on to Rutgers University, Newark to complete his DPhil in Behavioural & Neural Sciences under the supervision of Dr Denis Paré and spent a further period in the Paré laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher.

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