This is an historical archive of the activities of the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit (MRC ANU) that operated at the University of Oxford from 1985 until March 2015. The MRC ANU established a reputation for world-leading research on the brain, for training new generations of scientists, and for engaging the general public in neuroscience. The successes of the MRC ANU are now built upon at the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit at the University of Oxford.

Welcome to Farid

We are delighted to welcome Mr. Farid Garas back to the Unit as a full-time student in the Magill Group .  Farid recently completed a very successful Final Honours School research project under the supervision of Drs. Andrew Sharott and Peter Magill, as part of his BMBCH medical degree at the University of Oxford.  Farid is now taking time out from his medical studies to undertake research towards a D.Phil., for which he was awarded a prestigious Clarendon Scholarship as well as a Partnership Award from New College, Oxford.  Farid will use an advanced combination of immunohistochemistry, electrophysiology and optogenetics to define the molecular architecture and functions of striatal interneurons.